Package with a fully furnished kitchen system

What is ECOCA?

Ecoca cookstove is a multi-purpose green cooking system that functions with solar energy and can provide energy for cooking and electricity for an entire family.

With Ecoca, an average family of 2-10 members can cook up to 3 meals a day!

Ecoca includes an electric base with a built in battery, a solar panel, and two insulated cooking pots.

Solar Panel



614W rechargeable lithium battery

2 ECOCA Saucepans

400W each

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Learn how to cook some Eggplant with Silver Cyprinid Fish with the ECOCA!


Learn how to cook Rice with the ECOCA!


Learn how to cook beans with the ECOCA!

Cassava Flour Paste

Learn how to cook the Cassava Flour Paste with the ECOCA!

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